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These are the steps you need to take to download music to PSP.

* If you already have Mp3 files on your PC then you can skip to step 4.

1. If you want to download music from your CD, you will first need a CD Ripper (a software to extract digital music files from your compact disc (CD) to another file) or PSP Video Converter (if you want to convert your regular PC video files into Sony PSP movie/video format for viewing on your PSP) and a USB cable to connect between your PC and PSP.

2. Load your CD into your PC and power up your CD Ripper.

3. Select the songs you want to download to your PSP and hit the “Extract and Encode” where it will convert and transfer the songs from your CD to the selected file.(If you already have existing music or video files in your PC, then you just need to hit “Add” from the CD Ripper or Video Converter.)

4. Next, connect your PSP to the PC with a USB cable.

5. Activate the “USB Connection” on your PSP and your PC will auto detect a new USB device, usually in your E Drive (E:)

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6. Create a new folder under E: Drive and name it as “Music” where this will represent the drive of your PSP.

7. Now you can start downloading by copying your favorite music files from the PC to your PSP.

8. When you have finished downloading to your PSP, remove the USB connection and you are ready.

That’s it! That's how to download music to PSP.

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