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How To Put YouTube on Your PSP

Did you know you can put YouTube videos on your PSP? It's not that hard and now you can take your favorite YouTubes with you to show all your friends!

Here is how you do it:
1) First you go to YouTube and choose the video you want to download. Click and copy the link.
2) Once you have the link go to and paste the URL you copied into the text box.
3) Click on the "options" right below the text box and choose the format that you want the video to be converted into. (you would be choosing one of the PSP choices)
4) Once you have done that click on the "convert" button.
5) A download pop up will appear and you want to click "save" and then choose where you want it to be saved to. Once it is saved run the the file and if you don't have "Java Web Start Launcher" you may have to Google it and download that as well.
6) When you run it a Java applet will run and then a new "YouTube" file will appear on your desktop.
7) Drag that Mp4 file onto your PSP and you are good to go!

That's it. There is no end to the cool things you can do with that big PSP screen. You can also download movies, tv shows, and music as well as the YouTube videos and of course you can play all those great games.